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"When our oldest was born, my husband and I both wanted to make sure music was part of our family's daily life. As she grew older, she became interested in playing violin and began with Ms. Brito at age 3 1/2. Our daughter is 10 now and Ms. Brito has not only trained her technically but she has also taught her in a way that grew her love for music and for our beautiful world. While Ms. Brito has taught and helped our daughter win multiple scholarships, obtain the highest honors in several evaluations, and is on the precipice of attending some prestigious programs, the most important thing has been maintained throughout it all: a love for beautiful music. My daughter knows a language that can translate and be shared anywhere in the world and I am so grateful that Ms. Brito took her (and our whole family, really) on this wonderful journey." 

Sarah Klayman, Suwanee

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