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The Suzuki Triangle

The Suzuki Triangle is at the heart of the success of this method because it encompasses everyone involved.  The teacher and the caregiver are at the base of the triangle because they create the building blocks whereupon the child can succeed. Each participant on this triangle has a responsibility. And like any human relationship, these responsibilities will change overtime as the child grows more mature in their learning of the instrument.

Teacher to Caregiver: 

  • Give clear instruction and let them know what is expected of them.

  • Listen to caregiver because they know their child better.

  • Provide caregiver with information that will help them help their child better.

  • Continuing education to be the best teacher one can be.

Teacher to Student: 

  • Give clear instructions and expectations.

  • Respect child's pace of development.

  • Learn as much as possible about child's learning style.

  • Create a nurturing and fun environment conducive to learning the instrument.

Caregiver to Teacher: 

  • Communicate clearly issues pertinent to home-practice.

  • Ask questions and shows genuine interest in learning more about the Suzuki Method.

  • Give insights regarding child's learning styles.

  • Abides to the Studio Policy.

  • Support teacher on their pursue of professional growth.

Caregiver to Student: 

  • Review teacher's instruction before home-practice.

  • Make sure student understands assignment given.

  • Make sure listening and review of the repertoire is a priority.

  • Set-up consistent practice time that uses the best attention span of the student.

  • Becomes adept at making home-practice creative.

  • Shows interest in learning more about the Suzuki Method.

Student to Teacher:

  • Respectful to teacher.

  • Comes to lesson eager to learn, actively participating by listening and asking questions.

  • Completes assignments given.

Student to Caregiver:

  • Respects caregiver as the home teacher.

  • Is ready for practice time.

  • Asks questions from caregiver regarding unclear instructions.

  • Completes assignments given.

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