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Studio Policies

My Suzuki program accepts children as young as three years old . However, due to the uniqueness of each individual, a caregiver must be aware of their children's readiness for music instruction. If in doubt, read the recommended literature then contact me.

Below is a synopsis of my studio policies. A complete detailed studio policy will be shared upon enrollment.

  1. In case of a public health crisis, like a pandemic or any event where having lesson in person could jeopardize anyone's health and safety, lesson will automatically be transferred to online only.

  2. Given the close proximity required to teach the violin, I require that if you are looking for in-person lesson, that all eligible persons be vaccinated for Covid before coming into the Studio.

  3. Regular attendance at individual and group lessons.

  4. Mandatory participation at recitals and community performances.

  5. Making lesson time a priority. 

  6. Complete lesson assignments.

  7. Keep instrument in good shape to produce the best sound you can possibly make. We have a list of wonderful violin shops that can help you with that.

  8. Bring to every lesson:

    • Required music book (s)​​

    • Studio Binder

    • Tuner/Metronome

    • Recording/video device

  9. Have in your violin case:

    • Rosin​

    • Extra set of strings

    • Shoulder rest or sponge with extra rubber bands

    • Soft cleaning cloth

  10. Caretaker is required to attend annual Parent Conference and or any general studio meeting requested. Note: these are planned well in advance.

  11. No food, drink of gum inside the Studio. Nevertheless, you may bring a water bottle into the Studio.

  12. Families are required to become members of the Suzuki Association of Georgia (SAGA).

  13. Inclement Weather: lesson will be automatically transferred to online.

  14. Lesson missed by the student, for any reason, will be not be made-up, nor will their tuition be refunded. However, students who must miss a lesson may swap their lesson time with another student. Lesson schedules will be updated periodically and distributed throughout the year. 

  15. Lesson missed by me, for any reason, will be made-up at at time agreeable by both parties.

  16. A student can be dismissed from my program for the following reasons:

    • Repeated failure to attend lessons and participate in performances

    • Repeated failure to prepare for lessons

    • Behavior or attitude problem

    • Non-payment of tuition or other expenses​​​​​

  17. Annual tuition is divided into twelve equal payments based on the amount of lessons planned for the entire year. This payment plan is to make it easier to budget the violin lessons for the same amount every month, including summer months which is a shorter session to allow for summer travel plans. Monthly tuition is due by the first of the month. There is an annual administration fee and a small fee for the electronic studio binder materials. 

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